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New members are always welcome to the Singer Car Club of Australia. You can download an application form here or email to receive one via email.

Membership Rates:

Full Membership:

$40.00 For those who reside within 100km radius of Melbourne GPO, Victoria.

$28.00 For all members residing outside a 100km radius of Melbourne GPO, but within the State of Victoria.

Associate Membership

$20.00 For all members outside the State of Victoria.

Click here to download the Singer Car Club Membership Application Form


All Other Singer Car Clubs in Australia/NZ

There are also active Singer Clubs in NSW, South Australia and Queensland.

Please contact the Club Secretary in your state for further details.

NSW:  Terry Curtis   Ph: 02 4393 6536  Email:

SA:  Stephen Bitmead   Ph: 0439 886 978   Email:

QLD:  Michelle Walter  Ph: 0418 193 070    Email:

NEW ZEALAND:   Michael Hope-Cross   Ph:  + 64 274 884 961    Email:

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Singer Owner's Club UK

Singer Motor Club

North American Singer Owner's Club

Dutch Singer Owner's Club

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